Watch Heartwarming Video of Elephant Falling Asleep to Caretaker’s Lullaby.

22 January 2018

What an amazing and beautiful story! 

Of all the animals that can be found in Thailand, special attention is attracted, of course, to elephants. In addition to the huge size and long trunk, they also have a sufficiently developed intellect, an amazing sense of rhythm, and also individual and social self-awareness.

Probably, that’s why they evoke in us-people such a keen interest. In the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a worker named Lack performed an elephant lullaby, and she fell asleep.

On the video of the elephant, she first pulled a triumphant girl with her trunk, then walked away, went to sleep. Singing Lack sat next to him, stroked the animal, began to fan him with a jacket. The happy elephant clapped its ears all the time.

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